Terms and Conditions


A contract on the Terms and Conditions (T&C’s) is formed between you and Devon Counselling College (DCC) on receipt of your application for and acceptance onto one of our courses or workshops. By applying for and being accepted onto one of our courses or workshops you are agreeing to be bound by the T&C’s. It is therefore important that you read and understand them prior to applying. 

The contract will expire, subject to the early termination provisions in the T&C’s, on the completion of your Course, whether or not you are awarded a qualification. Outstanding commitments shall continue until completed. No variation to the T&C’s shall be binding unless agreed in writing between the parties. 

Admission & Course Provisions

All applicants are considered and accepted in line with the course requirements and guidance. These requirements and associated course materials can be subject to change, prior to the course commencing or during the course, without prospective or current learner notice, where it is considered reasonable in order to effectively deliver the course or adhere to any legislative requirements. DCC are not obliged to provide reasons behind decision changes.

DCC’s contract with you covers the period of time you are training; progression through the course is not automatic and is subject to the completion of the course requirements; assessments, college attendance, and evidence of self-development and awareness. We reserve the right to defer or cease training of a learner based upon professional consideration of the successful completion of the course requirements.

DCC reserves the right to update policies, practices, programmes, schedules or calendars, the cancellation or reschedule of courses without prior notice, though every effort would be made to minimise any inconvenience. 

Policies and Procedures

Your acceptance of a place will be upon condition that you abide by DCC’s Policies and Procedures and SEG/ABC Awards or National Counselling Society (NCS) guidelines for your qualification, course or workshop. A copy of the policies will be made available to you in your learners’ Dropbox facility or upon request. 

Contract Termination

DCC may, without liability, terminate this agreement at any time immediately by written notice if you are in material breach of the Terms and Conditions.


Fees can consist of course fees and any additional costs* as discussed and agreed at interview. *applies to Level 4 Diploma only.

Payment of course fees

The total course fee becomes due for payment once you have applied for, and been accepted onto one of our courses or workshops. The only exception to this would be if there is a cancellation before the course or workshop commences – please see conditions below.

Any arrangements for the payment of fees will be agreed in writing between you and DCC before the commencement of the course. If a payment or instalment is not received by DCC on the agreed date then the balance will immediately become payable. DCC will then reserve the right to withdraw you from the course and all college facilities and you may not be permitted to continue your training. Any alternative arrangements can only be made with a new written agreement between yourself and DCC. 

Please be aware that it is our policy not to issue certificates of qualification until full payment has been made for the training in question.

DCC provides the facility to invoice any agreed sponsor directly; however, it should be clearly understood that, should the sponsor, for any reason, fail to make payment in accordance with the terms of the invoice you will remain personally liable for the full amount of your course fees.

Learner Cancellations

If a learner wishes to cancel their agreement with the college, then DCC would require notification, in writing no less than:

  • Taster Sessions and Continual Professional Development (CPD) workshops – one full week (seven days) prior to the course start date
  • Certificate – one calendar month prior to the course start date
  • Level 4 – two calendar months prior to the course start date
  • All other courses –  one calendar month prior to the course start date

The booking deposit will be non-refundable. If the course has been fully paid and the cancellation is made, in writing within the above timing to the course start date, the course fees will be refunded, minus the deposit. All refunds at any time will be subject to a £100 administration charge.

Devon Counselling College Cancellations

If, for any reason, a course will not be running on the agreed date, Devon Counselling College will advise the learner of this cancellation, giving the above periods of notification wherever possible. 

If the course cannot be run for any reason, learners will be offered a place on another course or a full refund of the course fee and deposit.

Learner Course Withdrawal

If, for any reason, the learner is considering withdrawing from a course, they are advised to speak to their personal course tutor.  The full fee for the course will be payable once the course has started.

Attendance and Absence

You are expected to attend all classes. We log your attendance every session and therefore if your attendance falls significantly short of 100% this will be subject to discussion with your tutor to decide the action necessary to meet the award requirements. 

Whilst we understand that you may, as an exception, be unable to attend college it is of vital importance that your attendance is as close to 100% as possible as the attendance of these course hours will need to be confirmed with any future application for the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) or equivalent accreditation scheme. 

Group support and communication is an important part of your learning and therefore, should you need to be absent from any part of the course, you will need to inform your tutor, either by email or by leaving a message on the college phone 07423 664931. You may also need to inform another group member who may agree to share their notes with you. It is your responsibility to catch up any learning that you may have missed due to the absence before the following session as most of the teaching will not be repeated.  The learners’ Dropbox facility will also prove very beneficial for this purpose.


You are expected to behave responsibly and not cause any disruption to individual or group training. The group will construct a Group Agreement at the start of the course, which will itemise what is considered supportive, constructive and boundaried behaviour. Any personal therapeutic issues should be addressed via personal therapy as part of the training requirements.

Confidentiality must be maintained with regard to client work, college skills and personal work within the group.

Any cause for concern will be discussed by the tutor as and when required, additional to the scheduled tutorials. Changes to conduct or issue resolution agreements will be put in writing.

Personal Therapy (applies to Level 4 Diploma only)

Personal therapy with an appropriately qualified practitioner is a requirement of the Level 4 Diploma. You are expected to receive a minimum of 20 sessions of personal therapy over the duration of the course, with at least 10 of these sessions taking place within year 1. DCC will require written evidence of the therapy sessions, but not the contents of these which remains strictly confidential (with noted exceptions) between you and your therapist.

DCC reserves the right to request that you undertakes personal therapy at any time where it is believed there is an additional therapeutic and supportive requirement. 

Data Protection Act 2018
DCC is registered under the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018) to hold personal data, including sensitive personal data on its Learners and third parties, such as individuals enquiring about services. DCC will only hold and use Personal Data in line with the requirements of the DPA 2018. A copy of our Privacy Policy is also available via our website. 


Learners are advised to ensure they have insurance to cover their property as all activities are undertaken at their own risk. DCC cannot accept responsibility, and expressly excludes liability to the fullest extent permissible by law, for damage to personal property (including vehicles parked on college premises), unless caused by the negligence of DCC.

Correspondence and Terms and Conditions Notice

Any notice served by DCC under the T&C’s and any formal correspondence shall be deemed to have been served two working days after sending to the address we have on file (this will be the address on your original application form unless we are informed of a change in writing). You are therefore obligated to keep us informed of any changes to your address.

Terms and Conditions Amendments

DCC reserves the right to make reasonable changes to the terms and conditions, both before and after you enrol and where it assists effective delivery of the course.

Queries and complaints: Queries about the T&C’s should be addressed to Devon Counselling College, Sheila Robb House, Oak Place, Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ12 1EX. DCC has a Learners’ complaints procedure, which is available from the College and will be provided via learners’ Dropbox facility prior to the course commencing.

You are advised to retain a copy of these terms and conditions for your own files and information.

updated 10 October 2021