Our Team

Julie Wyman BSc (Hons) MBACP (Accred)

Co-Founder and Group Facilitator

I’m Julie – one of the founders of Devon Counselling College in 2006.

Counselling felt like a natural progression for me as I entered my forties. A previous career in HR and some major life events had left me with big questions about myself, my purpose and my place in the world – I have to add a note of caution here – as soon as I got somewhere near my answers, they were quickly replaced by further questions…that seems to be the nature of all personal development work!

My search for answers and inquisitive nature accompany me into my sixth decade; I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and have never stopped studying since I left school at 16, armed with very few qualifications.

I have worked therapeutically in a variety of settings for many years now, and it is difficult to describe the eclectic nature of what I actually do these days: I love the generous and relational ethos of the Rogerian approach, and my heart lies in the deep reflective personal inquiry that is woven through my roles as therapist, supervisor and coach. Together with this I am an NLP and creative arts practitioner and often incorporate this into my support of other peoples’ inquiries into their big questions; encouraging them to take the time to identify personal strengths as well as areas for growth.

I am a strong advocate for innovative and creative approaches to learning, and when it comes to training and group facilitation, I maintain a strong belief that every person has the potential to learn and develop, and it is very special to be able to witness those discoveries for another person.

James Schindler-Ord BSc Registered Member MBACP MNCS (Accred)

Group Facilitator

Hi, I’m James, I co-facilitate DCC courses.

My counselling journey started about 15 years ago as more of a quest to help and understand my wife’s depression. I have always had an inquisitive mind where psychology was concerned and have always had an interest in people watching, so becoming a counsellor felt like a natural progression for me.

I trained in Gestalt therapy with John & Annie Watkins up to my level 4 diploma and then went on to complete a level 6 qualification in body process psychotherapy with John Watkins and Sue Chance. I have also trained in working with couples, CBT and NLP.

Most recently I am pursuing a qualification in Shinrin Yoku, forest bathing, a mindful therapy that uses the natural world to bring peace of mind and better health with Nature and Therapy UK. Alongside this I am studying sound healing and have embarked upon a shamanic practitioner training at The Healing Tree Centre.

Jane Schindler-Ord FdA Registered Member MBACP

Group Facilitator

Hello, I am Jane, and I co-facilitate many of the courses at Devon Counselling College.

My interest in psychology started at a young age. From the age of 16 I studied psychology and sociology (up to ‘A’ level) and later on studied similar subjects with the Open University. Then later on in life I experienced bouts of depression and anxiety and was lucky to find an excellent therapist who I worked with to turn my life around and befriend my mental health. Whilst this was happening, James embarked on a life-changing course in counselling which sparked my interest too and a year after he started, I also started the same training in Gestalt counselling. I was only ever going to do the level 2 training, but curiosity got the better of me and before I knew it I had completed Levels 3, 4, 5 and 6 and then completed a foundation degree in counselling! I call myself ‘the accidental psychotherapist!’

Since qualifying I have worked in private practice, I have also worked in the NHS with women who have experienced childhood sexual abuse and trauma and I have counselled with various charities. I ran a counselling and mental health service for young people in Torbay for seven years and also ran a counselling service for young people across Devon who have experienced sexual abuse and violence. I also help run an affordable counselling agency. I have enjoyed tutoring counselling courses and workshops since 2011 including writing and running several diplomas and other courses with James. I have also written and taught a course in mental health awareness nationally across the UK. I have been a counselling supervisor since 2012.

I have gone on to study other areas of therapy that interest me: CBT, Transactional Analysis, family therapy, supervision, mindfulness and more recently Eco Therapy and Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bathing). My professional, personal and spiritual worlds are ever evolving and I bring this wealth of experience and knowledge with me, to pass on to you.

Jan Finn

DCC Associate and Trainer

Jan has developed her counselling practice since 2003 when she qualified to become a therapeutic practitioner. Since then she has built a thriving career, and now runs a successful Private Practice alongside working for a Community Interest Company, Counsellors Southwest, which she helped set up to provide in-house short term counselling to GP surgeries in the local area. In recent years Jan has continued her professional development by gaining qualifications in Advanced Psychotherapy,  Couples Counselling and Counselling for Depression (CfD).

Jan’s many hours of experience in counselling has resulted in a vast knowledge base of the human condition. Her main role in our team has been to enable our students with the opportunity for further exploration and awareness of themselves and how they relate to other people in their lives, including the introduction of mindfulness practice. More recently she has decided to take a step back and features less regularly in our core counsellor training although she is still loved and valued as an associate and occasional tutor here at DCC.

Helen Hoyte

DCC Associate and Trainer

Hello, My name is Helen,

I am a therapeutic counsellor, coach and teacher with a background in energy work and complementary therapies.   I have a passion for people and all things health and wellbeing related and I love discovering new things.

I have had my own complementary therapy business for over 10 years and now run my counselling and coaching practice alongside my teaching roles. I draw on my experience and knowledge of physical, mental & spiritual wellbeing, and bring it into my counselling, coaching and teaching practices. 

I am a curious, sociable, enthusiastic, and bubbly person, who loves a challenge and loves to meet new people.

Jenny Jackson

This page would not be complete without the inclusion of our friend Jenny Jackson, who taught Julie up to her Level 4 Diploma. Jenny, along with Julie, founded DCC in 2006 and left due to a move to Gloucester in 2012. Her passion for, and strong belief in the value of relationship has had a huge impact on the way we work.