Our Mission, Vision & Philosophy


To provide high-quality training in an environment where students and qualified counsellors can develop professionally and personally.


We envisage a world where everybody can access the best possible mental health support whenever needed.


Our philosophy is rooted in an ethics of care and is very important to us, and it is what makes us stand out from other training providers. Through years of experience working with clients, supervisees, and students and listening to their needs and experiences, we have come to understand how to provide a learning experience that will truly nurture and encourage students’ sense of personal and professional development.

This is:

  • A commitment to being an inclusive and fair community. We recognise and celebrate equality, diversity & inclusion and we stand against all types of discrimination and prejudice.
  • Creating an environment where students feel safe, nurtured, and encouraged so they can explore and learn
  • Providing cost-effective training, keeping fees as affordable and transparent as possible with no hidden extras
  • Keeping classes small enough to enable effective learning
  • Providing tutors who are experienced and practising therapists
  • Encouraging discussions and explorations within the learning environment
  • Inspiring personal and professional development and individuality

At the end of our diploma course, our students qualify as unique, confident, capable counsellors. We aim to facilitate growth in each student, so we actively encourage individuality, inspiring our students to pursue areas of interest for them. In this way, our training is really unlike any other training that you will have ever doneā€¦