Working with Body Processes in Counselling

Working with Body Processes in Counselling

‘Talking therapy’ is incredibly effective way of addressing many issues that a client may bring to the therapy room. Whilst this form of therapy can be powerful and life changing for the client, sometimes the client (and therapist) can feel ‘stuck’ in their process or cannot find the words to express what they are feeling. By working with the body as well as the mind the therapist can empower the client to start to move through the stuckness into a place of emotional release and freedom.

This workshop offers a grounded introduction to understanding and working therapeutically with body process. Whilst being aimed at practicing therapists and advanced students who wish to work more holistically, it is also an excellent opportunity for personal development.

The best way to learn and understand how to work with your clients in this way is to have had some experience of it yourself first. During the day we will touch on theory and look at aspects of client and therapist safety. Through the use of experiential exercises, you will learn various ways to work safely and to recognise and then help release trapped energies and blockages that would otherwise have adverse effects on the mind, body and soul.

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10:00 – 16:00