Working in the Here and Now

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Developing the communication of immediacy, metaphor and spontaneously evoked imagery to add further depth to your counselling. Julie Wyman – Trainer

The ‘here and now’ day was such an opportunity to delve a bit deeper into powerful interventions that raise awareness in my clients and in myself as a counsellor. I sometimes find counselling concepts and interventions to be a bit of a mystery until I read something or have chance to ruminate until the penny drops and understanding to whatever degree appears.

I went home considering that working with what came into a client’s awareness in the here and now was at the right place in a client’s process. If this is so, then I can be braver in trusting that what is coming up in myself when I am with a client is appropriate and timely. A line of a poem led into a communal exploration of the phenomena of awareness bringing change in other facets of a client’s world. In considering various ways of encouraging awareness in clients and in ourselves, we discussed how the therapist bringing what they sense is happening out into the open can feel exposing for both parties. We were able to explore together the associated fear that comes with what could feel like potential for conflict.

The day was both fun and developmental. It has inspired me in my journaling around working in the immediate moment, and led to further experimenting in client sessions. Work, fun and great cake!! A wonderful day with wonderful people.

Fiona Eaton – course attendee