Using Sand & Objects in Therapy

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Working with objects, characters without sand – anything can be used. We also looked at nesting dolls and myself and other counsellors tool kit regulars; Karpmans Drama Triangle and Transactional Analysis’s Parent Adult Child (PAC).

After a usual check in and group agreement, everyone appeared to be ready to begin. There was a lovely mix of two different diploma groups and from the outset they immersed themselves into experiential learning. We began by using objects to identify how they were all feeling at the time and the results brought up some very interesting patterns of human and individual behaviours. It was at this point that I knew it was going to be a fabulous day. We spent time exploring the use of nesting dolls as the possibilities are quite vast. Everyone began to share their own experience and how they might use some of the objects – it was a wonderful mix of sharing and learning – for me too!

The rest of the morning was spent working in pairs utilising all the wonderful pieces in college. I must admit that our lovely tutor Jan Finn lent me some incredibly interesting objects that the group readily embraced; a glass house, rainbow and wooden triangle were amongst the items kindly loaned.

After a short lunch, we continued with exploring the Drama Triangle and PAC. Whilst doing this I had my own personal revelation about a current personal dilemma I was dealing with. We used this as an example, so we all learned from the experience and I was able to put into action my reflections of our exploration and sorted things out.

It was a lovely open and honest experience with everyone ‘trying out’ and ‘testing’ skills and experience. It was a fabulous day overall, one I hope to repeat in time.

Henri Treece – Trainer