Training to be a Professional Counsellor will be appropriate for you if…

You want to be more than just “a good listener”

You want to use your own unique life experience and develop your individual way of working

You can imagine the satisfaction of helping people to make positive and lasting changes in their lives

The demand for talking therapies has grown dramatically over the past few years and there are now many more opportunities for professional counsellors

Training to be a counsellor is not just a case of learning the skills and theory required to obtain the qualification; you are encouraged to draw on and use your own life experiences and develop your special way of working with your clients. You really get to know who YOU are and develop your understanding of what makes you YOU.

This is an incredibly exciting journey but can also be really challenging as you learn to confront beliefs and limitations that you may have been hanging on to for years. It is a journey that will undoubtedly change your life…


 I knew from the very first day that I had made the right and best decision in choosing Devon Counselling College. I would recommend DCC to anyone without hesitation

Don McLeod, Counsellor

 I’ve loved being on this course and have achieved what I set out to achieve and much, much more!

Sarah Porter, Counsellor


Doesn’t it follow then, that you would want to take this journey with an organization that will care about you as an individual, offering you all the encouragement, support and understanding you will need to reach your full potential?

We are offering you:

  • A warm and welcoming environment, conducive to adult learning
  • Small training groups
  • Individual tutor attention and encouragement, including post-course support
  • Reasonably priced fees and a 0% interest-free payment plan
  • Respectful, honest communication from your initial enquiry onwards
  • Motivated, enthusiastic and accessible tutors who are all practicing counsellors, supervisors and BACP/BABCP members
  • Courses and centre approved and recognised by NCFE and ABC Awards – two of the largest vocational awarding bodies in the UK

 There are few personal investments that we can make that offer anything like the return of learning. Learning something valuable will continue to reward us for the rest of our lives, whether it is something practically, commercially or spiritually rewarding.
What could you learn that would be rewarding for the rest of your life?

Neil Crofts – Authentic Business – 19 Sept 2011